WimPose95 : Gtk-1 engine for Win32

This Gtk-1 engine for Win32 simulates the default Windoze look and follows colour and font settings from the Windoze control panel. It is based on the Redmond95 engine, the color/font detection stems from gtk-wimp (a more powerful Gtk-2 engine). There are additional modifications done on arrows, scrollbars (partially from Whistler-K engine) and checkboxes/radiobuttons to follow Windoze style more thoroughly. The engine can be used on posix systems, the color and font detection is not used in this case.

Download :

Sample gtkrc for this engine:

Please adjust the "module_path", following example assumes libwimpose95.dll is copied into the folder "c:\themes\modules". Copy the gtkrc file into the "etc\gtk" subdirectory of your Gtk-1 installation.
module_path "c:/themes/modules/"

style "default"
  engine "wimpose95" 
class "GtkWidget" style "default"


Default XP theme Classic Windoze theme ("Aubergine") with different background color.
Dialog using default XP theme